We supply Mental Health Awareness Drinks Mats to football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, in fact any sports, hobby or pastime clubs plus youth clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs and office canteens.

Order yours today and get people talking about mental health. **100% of all profit goes to mental health charities.

Together our aim is to encourage people to talk about mental health issues and break down the barriers and stigma associated with this silent epidemic and the reluctance to talk about it.

Mental Health problems affect millions of people in the UK. We all need to make a huge effort to check our friends are not suffering in silence. Statistically, many of our friends will need help but, for a variety of reasons, they often find themselves unable to ask for it.

If you think a friend is struggling with life, ask if they need help or just a chat, talking about a problem can make it a lot easier to deal with and start someone on the road to recovery. The more people we get talking about it the easier it will be for the next person.

** this percentage will be changed on the drinks mats when reprinted​

100 drinks mats £9.00 plus £4.00 p&p Total £13.00
13.0p per mat


200 drinks mats £17.00 plus £4.00 p&p Total £21.00
10.5p per mat


300 drinks mats £25.00 plus £4.00 p&p Total £29.00
9.7p per mat


500 drinks mats £38.00 plus £8.00 p&p Total £46.00
9.2p per mat

or bulk orders over 500 please email admin@friendsmusttalk.co.uk

To keep costs down all parcels are sent via Royal Mail 2nd class, to be signed for by recipient as proof of delivery.

You should receive your parcel within 3 – 4 days of dispatch.


You will receive an email upon receipt of your order and an email when the drinks mats have been dispatched to you.

Drinks Mat 1 Front

Drinks Mat 2 Front

Drinks Mat 2 Reverse

Drinks Mat 1 Reverse

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